What’s For Dinner?


I absolutely hate getting this text from my husband everyday. The hell if I know what’s for dinner? I’m at work and you are NAPPING – you figure it out! This is a text battle that we have multiple times a week. We’re famous for “forgetting” to take something out of the freezer.  This trademark will not fly with the new and improved home-cooked meal trend that we are trying to follow.

Clearly, we need a little help with organization and meal planning. Lucky for me, my best friend (her name is Google) has tons of sites that you can visit and learn all about meal planning. I won’t lie – I didn’t read them. But I did find these cute little menus from Iheartnaptime to write out all our meals. You can click on the picture for your copy.  I never really liked the idea of paper floating around in the kitchen where it could be misplaced, lost or thrown out. But I stuck it to the refrigerator like a champion, and I’m hopeful that it will remain in tact and in place for more than 3 days.


This is how I accomplished meal-planning:

  1. I counted how many days there was between grocery shopping days. – 12 days!
  2. I took an inventory of the freezer and pantry cupboard to see what we were working with. I also made mental notes of any spices or items I may need.
  3. Then add your family favorites across the calendar for dinner meal preparation. I wrote down the meat of choice and the side dishes.
  4. Then I wrote a grocery list of items that I may need to assist with all these great meals.

We buy our meat in bulk from the butcher shop – stay tuned I may post about this a little later. I also do all my shopping at walmart for price-matching purposes. I got all our meat needs and the essential products for approximately $350.00. This will provide enough meals for a Family of 5 (3 adults and two teens) for almost 3 weeks, with extra meat product remaining. That’s a total cost of approximately $125.00 a week.

I have learned that while I may not be the best at this meal-planning, it is working for our family and that it what matters most.

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9 Responses to What’s For Dinner?

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  4. Emerald says:

    Good luck with the meal planning. I added your blog to my reading list on my own blog. If you have time, come by and check it out. I’d love to buy fresh meat but the farmers don’t sell meat and there’s no butcher nearby. I’ve been meaning to meal plan but haven’t yet done found the time to do so. Hopefully in the future.

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