Annoying & Amusing – Just An Ordinary Day In The Office

Every few days, my name comes across the reception schedule. This means that I have the task of answering telephone and watching over the front desk – greeting clients and receiving courier packages.  This task varies day-to-day and can go from downright busy to nap time  time within a few minutes. Most days, people are always polite, pleasant and understanding.

Today was not that day. I had two back to back calls where people, shouted at me, they were rude and the tone in their voice was just nasty.

These calls take the cake today, and had me biting my tongue and trying hard to remain, calm, cool and collected!

Call #1

caller: can you tell me who is handling the _______ case?

me: yes, of course. That file is managed by _____.

caller: can I speak with him?

me: I am sorry he is not in the office would you like his voicemail or one his clerks?

caller: um, can you tell me if this file has settled?

me: I am sorry I don’t have access to the file information. The clerk will be able to assist you.

caller: Well, can’t you look on his calendar?

me: I do not have access to that information.  If you would like to speak to his clerk, I can transfer you or you can leave a voice mail.

caller: will he return my call?

me: I am sure he will return your call in a timely manner.

caller: ma’am, I am trying to get some information on this case and you are not helping me at all.

me: I am sorry sir, I told you I don’t have access to the file information but I can transfer your call to the clerk.

caller: no that’s ok. *click*

Excuse me? Rude!!

Second Call

caller: Hi, my name is _________.*silence*

me: How can I help you?

caller: I received a letter from you.*slience*

me: Who would you like to speak to?

caller: my name is _______ and I live in a residence and you guys sent me this letter.

me: does it say who it was from?

caller: You sent it to me.

me: I understand, we have 16 people here in this…..

caller: (interrupts me) You sent it to me.

Me: ma’am I am sorry but I did not send your that letter. Are you able to provide me with more information.

caller: well, I live in _________ and you sent it to me here.

me: Does it have a name on it? On the bottom of the letter?

caller: um, it says __________.

me: Ok, she is currently on the phone, do you want to leave her a voicemail?

caller: no, I need to talk to her now. She sent this to me and I don’t know why.

me: she is on the phone right now so you can either leave a message for her to call you back or you can hold.

caller: I will hold.

She then proceeded to hold for 15 minutes. 15 MINUTES!  and then she just hung up.

Well, that’s my little rant today. Hope you all are enjoying your afternoons and that the people you deal with are a little more pleasant.

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