I Don’t Sweat Like That…

Last night while watching tv with the family, I had looked down to check my phone during a commercial. I wasn’t paying much attention, was just browsing through Facebook.

When I suddenly heard my daughter ask, “Why is that lady sweating so much?”  I turned to look at realized it was a commercial for menopause. I shook my head, and explained to her that sweating is a side effect of menopause.

My daughter looked confused. She tilted her head and scrunched up her nose and informed me that she didn’t’ sweat at night when she sleeps.

I laughed, maybe I shouldn’t have! My husband was keeled over with laughter. Our little girl (though not so little) went through the side effects she just watched on tv briefly telling us that she must be lucky because she doesn’t have any of them.  I had stopped laughing by this point and began to explain menopause to her in terms she would understand. She looked me dead in the face and told me she thought menopause was what woman go through in between their menstrual cycles.

Happy 14th Birthday Kira!!! You are much too young to be experiencing menopause!

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