I’m Not The Cleaning Fairy

Recently there was a video floating around the online world about a husband who thought the house cleaned itself – I am that person.  The original video can be seen by clicking right HERE.


I leave wet towels on the floor, dirty laundry on the bathroom/bedroom floor, dishes here and there, my bed is often messy and unmade and I leave snack wrappers on the table or in my pocket.

My husband is a neat freak – everything has a place and everything should be in its place.  Each day as I return home, the house has been magically cleaned. I often joke about my husband spending his days watching Netflix or napping, but he truly does pull his own weight around the house. I’m a spoiled wife. He embraces my messy lifestyle, knowing full well that I’m never going to change – and he doesn’t expect me too. He simply bites his tongue and picks up my slack from washing the floors, cleaning the appliances, picking up after the kids – he even cleans their rooms – picking up after the dogs, laundry, dishes, washes the car – he does it all.

While cleaning up after myself and the house is not one of my strong attributes, I do contribute to our household in many other areas.  I prepare and cook meals, bake desserts and treats, help children with homework, handle the finances, pay the bills,  schedule doctor’s appointments, refill prescriptions, grocery shopping, meal planning and the occasional load of laundry.

My husband is a real trooper. He rarely ever complains – to my face that is! Together we make on heck of a team and we got this household under control – at least for today.

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One Response to I’m Not The Cleaning Fairy

  1. chillingmama says:

    keep the good work! ❤


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