The Things I Should Have Done…

It’s Sunday afternoon and as I look outside the window rain is falling as loud crashes erupt from the sky.. my last day off from work and it’s raining. The perfect concoction for a lounge day in pyjamas with a binge-watching of Netflix. The tv series Quantico, that’s on my agenda.

Here is a list of things that I should have done:


  • finished matching the sock basket. If you missed this post you can read it by clicking the words socks.
  • prepare the weekly meal menu
  • catch up on the last load of laundry in the hallway
  • finish the back to school shopping
  • sweep the bedroom floors
  • wash the dishes instead of loading up the dishwasher
  • dust the ceiling fans in the bedrooms
  • prepare dinner for tonight
  • pay bills online

I will get to this list of items to complete, but not today. It’s never been a secret that storms scare me, so right now I will stay safe in my bed, under my covers with my potato chips and Netflix. I will relax and enjoy my binge-watching.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday Funday !!


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