10 Wishes For My Children

Like many children, mine do not always hear the words that I speak to them. They have the ability to stare at me and not hear a word that I have said. I admit, I talk a lot, but that’s only because I am trying to teach the way of the world to them. 

If my children have heard anything, I hope they have learned that everything I did was to prepare them for this world and to teach them to be who they were always meant to be – no matter who they turn out to be. I will always honor and love them – to the moon and back.


1. I hope that you both will stay close and be the best of friends. I know right now it seems impossible, but Kira give your brother a few years to grow up. Be there for each other always, even when I’m no longer around.

2. That you will always love yourself.  Put yourself first. You have every right to do what makes you happy and to leave situations that no longer make you happy.

3. I hope you find a love that is so magical that it takes your breath away each and every day. Love is not easy, there will be struggles. When you find that person that you can’t imagine not living with, do everything in your power to never lose them.

4. You will not always get what you want. Instead my wish for you is to be happy with what you do have. Work for what you want and be proud of all your accomplishments. 

5. Trust your feelings they will always guide you to where you need to be. You own these feelings, the happy ones, sad ones, jealous one and everything in between.

6. Forget the times that I yelled. I hope you know that I tried to be the best mom that I could be. Remember all the times that I was hard on you was because I love you and was pushing you to be the best person that I know you can be. 

7. I hope you find happiness in the small things and continue to spend lots of time doing all those things that make you laugh and smile.

8.  I hope that you will believe in yourself. Trust in yourself and be confident of the person that you have become. I will always be right there beside you cheering you on in life because I believe in you and I love you. 

9. Don’t be afraid of new possibilities. I hope you will say yes to new challenges and experiences.

10.  Remember that dad and I love you. We will always love you. When you are sad, frustrated, scared, lost, and happy or excited – we are always here for you. Even when you can’t see us or hear us we will always be right beside you.


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