Game Day Box – September 2016

You may recall that I briefly mentioned that I would be reviewing the Game Day Box – well it arrived today!! I was super excited to come home from work just to open the box and finally see the awesome stuff!


The September Round Box included:

  • NHL Fitted Cap – Ottawa Senators
  • MLB T-Shirt – Toronto Blue Jays
  • NFL Travel Mug – Dallas Cowboys – Romo
  • NFL Vintage Mini Football – Dallas Cowboys.

We were very surprised with the items that we received. The whole reason we ordered the box was for the Vintage Football!!!

How It Works: You sign up monthly (quarterly or yearly options are also available), you choose your teams (up to 4 teams from any sport) and each round the items will be hand-picked and delivered to your door. If you are a US Resident this is a fantastic deal for as it costs just $39.95 USD per month. I had the package shipped to Canada, and with shipping and the exchange rate is cost approx. $78.00 CDN. I have paid full price for this product and purchased it on my own with no endorsement or recommendation for the supplier of Game Day Box.

You can watch the unveiling video on YouTube: The Busy Mom Diary (<- click there)

If you are interested in the Game Day Box, please click the following link to use my referral code. It doesn’t cost you any extra.



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