5 Minutes Please?


Can I please just have 5 minutes? This is a question that I have on repeat and spew out hundreds of times a day.

From the early morning sound of the alarm clock, 5 more minutes of sleep, please for the love of all things holy! I’m not a morning person, and I have terrible insomnia so I really do need the extra 5 minutes – okay I often stretch those minutes into half an hour – but it really is for the safety of all humans that I may interact with throughout the day.

Then again when I get home from work, almost as soon as I take one teeny step inside the house, the dogs bombard me like they haven’t seen me in years. I need 5 minutes to take off my coat, kick off my shoes and hang up my purse. But at last the dogs are barking and jumping all over me with excitement. Sighs, fine! I stop and pet them to satisfy their need for attention. My dogs are attention-whores!

A few more steps inside the house and the kids will start with their stories of how their day was and I really do want to hear all about it, but not right in this moment. After a long day at work, an hour bus ride home, I’d like to just sit and relax in the still of the quiet. Ha! That will never happen. There is always “Mom, I need help with homework”; “Mom, fill out this form for school”; “Mom”; “Mooooom, there’s no milk!” – Who told them my name was mom anyways and is it too late to change it?

The constant questions never stop. I once thought surely if I’m in the bathroom I will get some peace. Nope, lately everyone seems to need me the minute I close the door behind me. I try to ignore them, but they keep talking. I’ll shout, “I’m in the washroom” hoping this will stop them mid-word – but it usually doesn’t.

Bed time – surely I can get 5 minutes to relax. This is when my children will argue over who’s taking too long in the washroom for teeth-brushing or they will remember the last-minute things they “forgot” to tell me about earlier in the evening – you know when I couldn’t get them to stop talking.

As I lay in my bed late at night, I have 5 minutes before I close my eyes and hopefully sleep; but here I sit and find myself smiling as I replay the day in my head. I remind myself just how much I love this crazy family and while they may annoy me from time to time, I am truly blessed to have them.

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