Cheap Thrills: Date Night

It came upon me last night, during another sleepless night, that my husband and I rarely ever go out – alone – without the children. I think, in part because we rely on a strict budget and because we like to over indulge our spoiled children with surprises as our budget allows. My husband and I come from the same family background, our families didn’t come from money and the small “extras” were always worth the giant smiles they received in return.

I often see over my social media about all the fabulous date nights and weekend getaways and at times have slightly been a tad jealous. We’ve talked about implementing a date night agenda, discussed the options and wrote it down on the calendar – but other important tasks usually jump out in front of us. It could be as simple as a slightly higher electric bill, pizza day at school or even an out-of-town hockey game that will quickly alter our previous arrangements.

I have to admit prioritizing date night has been an immense struggle for us. On our best of days, between dinner, homework, flyers, hockey and television, we rarely have an hour before bedtime to quickly review the current day and plan for the next. Our family situation has changed drastically this last year and date night was quickly tossed on the back burner.

In the last year, Rick was laid off from his previous employment and was shortly thereafter diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoma, our family had 8 overnight long-term hospitalization between all of us and we moved into our new home. It’s now more important than ever that we make one-on-one quality time a priority again.

After brainstorming and thinking of all the things that we love together here are the date night suggestions that I have created:

  1. After the kids go to bed for the night, or send them off to grandma’s house – grab a $7.00 pizza, Netflix and snuggle on a blanket.
  2. Create a peaceful environment with candles, scented oils and soft music and give each other a gentle massage. This is much cheaper and far less awkward than your average spa adventure.
  3. Turn your patio furniture into a sweet and romantic dinner table for two, complete with a table cloth and candles. Enjoy dinner under the stars.
  4. Grab a couple of notebooks and write down all the dreams you hope to accomplish in life and talk about how you will accomplish these dreams together.
  5. Wake up early. Grab some blankets and some breakfast and sit together and watch the sunrise.
  6. Choose a theme for the night. Dress up and start a movie marathon or movies fitting the theme.
  7. Remember when you use to make a mix-tape (or CD) to impress the one you were crushing on? Grab the laptop or your phone and create a playlist for each other.

How do you and your spouse enjoy one-on-one time? Special plans for anniversaries or date nights?







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